Active Body Spray
I've suffered from middle of the night leg cramping ever since I started wearing high heels.  The cramps were disruptive to my sleep and quite painful.  Caroline suggested I try her body spray that stimulates circulation.  Since using her product I haven't had one leg cramp and have
slept through the night every night!  And now my triathlete boyfriend is also using it after workouts!
Jessica G. Attorney at Law (Belvedere, CA)

Active Body Spray
My Father has lived most his life with chronic knee pain. So when Caroline introduced her Hujan Spray I took a bottle
of it with me to my next visit. He sprayed Hujan on one knee and 15 minutes later I asked how his knee was feeling and he commented that the stiffness and aching had subsided and that his knee felt great! He immediately sprayed the other knee and continues to utilize this pain relieving spray every day before bedtime.  Thank you Caroline! It's comforting knowing that my Father is pain-free from use of this healing spray and that after years of discomfort he is now enjoying a better quality of life!
Belinda Beebe – Owner  of Organized for Joy

Active Body Spray
I have been a massage client of Caroline for many years, and have now tried her Hujan Active Body Spray.  It's great!  I get pain in my legs from walking and hiking, and the spray really gets the blood where it needs to be and the pain is mitigated.  I recommend it highly, as I do Caroline herself for massage.
K King  (Sausalito, CA)

Hujan Skin Care Line
Hujan skin products have made an amazing difference on the depth of the lines on my forehead. After three months of using the product, especially the Hydrating C-Serum, I noticed that not only was my skin softer but the lines on my forehead was less noticeable including the deep one between my brows. I also have used the leg spray when I get a leg cramp and it relieves the cramp quickly and lets me rest through the night. I have started using it nightly so that I do not get the cramps at all.
18months later…
When I was first introduce to your skin care products you told me that it would soften my lines and that I would eventually not have to wear
cream foundation. I have to admit that I did not believe you. I wasn't really looking to change my skin care because I had used the same product for years and was content. You convinced me to give yours a try.  At first I tried not to use foundation and felt very naked. My skin did not seem to be smooth without the foundation filling in and the color was not even. That is not the case today. I have used your product for about 18 months. Now my clients are always complementing my skin. I am excited to say that the frown lines have all softened, but more importantly, I have not worn foundation for about 3 months! My skin tone is even and there is no need to use foundation as a skin is soft and smooth. You were so right! I just had to be patient. I faithfully use the Vitamin C Cream and the both the day and night moisturizers. I love your products!  They have changed my skin. Thank you!
Willie Victor- Nutritionist   Owner of Essentials for Health (Tiburon, CA)

Hujan Skin Care Line
I am very pleased with the results I have received from using the Hujan natural and organic skin care products. I have been using the cleanser, toner and moisturizer for several weeks and the results are wonderful. Before using the Hujan products I had dark spots and fine lines on my face which have almost completely disappeared. The texture of my skin also improved; it is now smoother and softer. I work in the eye of the public, so I am under continuous scrutiny and my customers think I am much younger than I am. I am glad I was introduced to the Hujan facial products and I will continue to use them.     
Ruth S.  (Tiburon, CA)

Hujan Skin Care Line
Since I’ve begun using Hujan products, I’ve had numerous unsolicited comments about how great my skin looks.  Two of those were from aestheticians, who have known me for many years.  I completely attribute the change they noticed to Hujan.  My skin feels clean and hydrated and I haven’t experienced any breakouts. I especially love the Hydrating C Serum, which has truly made my face appear younger.  I try to use all organic products in my home and Caroline is very careful about what she puts in her products.   I’m also gluten intolerant and these products are gluten free.  I highly recommend this skin care line.
Dawn Zierk  (Tiburon, CA)

Hujan Skin Care Line
The delicious aroma therapy is what initially drew me to the Hujan products during my first facial with Caroline. I work outside in extreme weather, but typically have normal skin. However, I have noticed that different times of the year my skin can become dry in areas and I always found myself switching products because they became ineffective after a few months.  The result being dry patches returning in different areas. Hujan has been consistent for over eight months now and I'm extremely excited that I have found something that balances my skin in all conditions!  Thank you Caroline for creating such a wonderful product!
Holly Wipfler (Mill Valley, CA)

Hujan Skin Care Line
A wonderful facial.  I usually break out from most products but, Caroline’s skin care products are great. No breakouts and my skin has never felt so moisturized.  I bought her vitamin c serum and her moisturizer and alternate daily. My skin looks and feels great.  I highly recommend her facials AND her products.
Gwen G. (Corta Madera,CA)

Hujan Skin Care Line
I have mature dry skin and have tried every skincare line out there.  I also have become more concerned about some of the harmful ingredients that are in most of the available products in the market place.  When Caroline Thibeaux of Kinetic Waves formulated this wonder crème Hujan that is natural, hydrating and curative I was delighted. Within 10 days I began having people comment on how bright I looked.   I even had a friend say to me, -did you have work done? I smiled and said, well I guess I did, I am using Hujan! Because this natural skincare line is reversing my signs of aging. If you care about your skin, your health, and the environment.  Then try Hujan, you’ll be look and feel younger each day.   
Kathleen  Horvath, CFSC  -Owner of 5 Elements Group

Hujan Skin Care Line
I had been using the same line of skin care products for over a year and found that my skin felt dehydrated and lacked luster. When I began applying Hujan cleanser and moisturizing cream, I was astonished! After the first application, my skin immediately felt hydrated. And within days of utilizing the products, I was receiving compliments from friends and family about how beautiful and relaxed my skin looked. The delicious aromatic scent and the swiftness in which the products worked with my skin is refreshing. If you'd like a cleanser and moisturizing cream that your skin will naturally respond to, I highly recommend Hujan as the product for you!
Belinda Beebe – Owner  of Organized for Joy

Rejuvenating Moisturizer
Caroline's skin nourisher is such a blessing!  My skin is no longer thirsty!  After having dry skin for most of my life, my skin now feels smooth, nourished, and hydrated.  I have tried products from my dermatologist, from salons, and from the drugstores...if you are looking for more hydration and nourishment for your skin - use Caroline's skin nourisher!  It's the only moisturizer I will be buying ever again!-
Dawn Lyons (Referral Institute - Vice President & Partner- (Rohnert Park CA)

Hujan Skin Care Line
I first tried a sampling of Caroline's Hujan moisturizer about three weeks ago. Actually, I was very surprised how it felt on my face. It was so
moisturizing! I loved it so much I couldn't wait to buy it from her when she had a new batch made up. My skin is very dry and I've tried many
different skin products. Some were good but not great, and some were not so good. When I used her product, I couldn't believe how WONDERFUL it felt  my face. I also like it because it's organic and has anti-bacterial properties in it. The fragrance is so refreshing and smells so good, and a little goes a long way.
Diana Sabur.  Owner – Lava Liner (Tiburon, CA)

Rejuvenating Moisturizer
These days it seems that more people are becoming aware of what they put into and onto their bodies.  The cosmetic industry is just starting to release information on how dangerous some of the ingredients are that go into our makeup.  It was refreshing to see someone take an interest in our health and run with it.  To say the least Hujan is fabulous.  I have gotten more compliments on my skin since I've used her natural made product.  It smells great and a little goes a long way.  I call it my fountain of youth in a jar.  I know she will do well since she has such an amazing product.
Lori Spencer. Mortgage Consultant 

Rejuvenating Moisturizer
I've been using Caroline's wonderful 'hujan' moisturizer for a few weeks now.  I love it! I find the fragrance of lemongrass to be soothing, it only takes a small amount to apply everywhere on my face and my skin feels much softer. I actually look forward to using it every morning right after my shower.  Makes me feel like I'm actually nourishing my skin.
T. Herndon,  Chef (San Francisco, CA)

Hujan Skin Care Line
Caroline's Hujan moisturizer is the best thing I have found for my skin.  Having switched over to organic products, I was really struck by the beauty of Caroline's skin and wanted to do what she was doing.  I am so happy she is developing her own skincare line and am thrilled with the first product.  I recommend it to everyone!
...Belavi facial
Caroline is truly gifted at her craft!  She gives the most amazing facials and I was never into facials...Now they are my favorite form of relaxation. Her Belavi facials give youth and vitality to the skin.  And her skincare line earns me frequent compliments about my skin!  My secret? Caroline is my secret weapon...and she can be yours too...
Lynda Creighton , Psychologist  (Mill Valley, CA)

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