My Passion

My passion for clear, healthy skin started at a young age. I became a skin consultant with Max Factor hoping to find that Holy Grail. What I found was an education on how chemicals affect our skin making them immune over time and harder to heal. I turned to studying about natural healing in the early 80s. During that time I worked for Singapore Airlines, a company that prided themselves on the image of the inflight staff. There my nightmare truly began.

Changing times zones and climates did not do my skin any favors. From the cold winters of Amsterdam and Vienna, to dry deserts of Dubai, Bahrain and then hot humidity back in Asia, my skin took a beating. I was fortunate to be able to sample the skin care lines in Paris, London, New York and wherever I could. I was desperate.Nothing worked.I struggled with using creams that were too rich making me break out in eruptions to those that were too light to do anything. Granted changing climates like I did made it difficult but as I learned about the healing potential of the human body I felt that there had to be a way.

The problem lay in the transdermal absorption. Most of the products I used lay on top of my skin like a luxurious mask never daring to delve deeper. I also wanted a regime that would be simple. After many trials I found the key. I worked for Singapore Airlines for 15 years, bearing up to the drying effects of the air. My skin however had begun to improve.

Later I found out that I was intolerant to Gluten, another key factor for me. I was determined to stay healthy in what I ate and put on my skin. Hujan was the result of my lifelong search. My skin cleared up and I can say looks better today than it did when I was younger.

When I opened my business, my clients would often ask me about my personal skin care regime. I am happy to be able to share Hujan. It has made my life so much easier. I no longer feel the need to cover up my face to hide my blemishes. Getting my face ready in the morning takes a fraction of my time. I wanted something that would be simple, quick and effective. I achieved that with Hujan.

With Hujan, you start the process of healing your skin not just cleaning it. I have always believed that when you work with your body instead of forcing it, it gives back to you so much more. With Hujan, you get more. 


Nurturing the skin is as important as nurturing your senses. Have you noticed that right after the rain everything seems more vibrant? The landscape becomes more vibrant with color as your senses do with the rich, fragrant aromas from the plants and flowers. The rain revives the land.  Hujan means Rain.

In starting Hujan, we took a page from Mother Nature, using only the highest and purest grade of natural and organic ingredients. In short, goodness you can feed your skin to help it retain precious moisture. Years of international travel had threatened to dry out my skin and this was what led me to my journey of figuring out the secrets of natural therapy for the skin. Stress can also have an effect on the skin aging it before time. It is not just what you put on your skin but the combination of products.

Natural and organic ingredients rejuvenate your skin without harmful toxins. The pure, natural fragrances from plants uplift you with their scents. Essential oils unlike perfumes repairs your skin from inside out, restoring lost moisture. Precious and necessary for maintaining younger and softer looking skin. Combining the best natural and organic ingredients with essential oils can help reverse dry and damaged skin.

Ingredients like aloe, jojoba, and coconut oils with the added purity of essential oils work deep, underneath the skin to repair it. These ingredients work in synchronicity to slow down the aging process and rejuvenate the skin. Using Hujan Natural Skin Care is like having your.

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